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About Us

The inspiration behind FarOutKids! Sensory Parties starts with my gorgeous son who was diagnosed with Autism at at age of  three. I was anxious at the thought of taking him to birthday parties and social gatherings which were so overwhelming for us and always resulted in us being the first ones to leave. I felt so sad and upset as we became the family known to always miss out on the fun. Why should he miss out? Why can't he just have fun without the meltdowns? I dreamt of creating a place like like FarOutKids! for three years and I was lucky enough to turn it into a reality.

The name? My son refers to his world as a "Far Out Land" and his alter ego "Far Out" where as he describes is where all the magic and cool things happen! There are secret doors, levels, a never ending train set, lots of toys, soft music and scents, projector lighting, wizards, elves and all things magical just like space! To create this exact land was impossible, but with his help and ideas we were able to create something close to it and it made him so very proud and happy that land is now a reality!

So I thought to create the perfect sensory-friendly party in a place where he and other kids like him could feel accepted and just be themselves. A party experience that was designed for him and whatever he wanted to make him happy. A party where I could meet families on a similar journey.

With an extensive background in business, management and the health industry and the divine experience of being a mother to a child with ASD, I am very passionate and excited about what I do and what I can bring to others and together we will provide families with a sensory party in a place of acceptance and where all kids of all abilities can just be themselves and have fun.

We are FarOutKids! Alongside my son and our dedicated team, we will work with you from start to end to create the perfect sensory party for your kids.